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Investing in Massage is an investment in your health... 


Deep Tissue: Addresses the deeper layers of muscle tissue and chronic knots which causes joint and muscle pain or imbalance in the body. Deep tissue releases or breaks up chronic knots to relieve joint and muscular pain and restores balance to the body.

Myotherapy: Uses a rhythmic full range of motion to relax the mind and body while applying direct pressure to the muscle and pressure points.

Sports: For the athlete or weekend warrior; Pre and post events, designed to reduce sports related injuries during training and to expedite rehabilitation after injury.

Swedish: Mainly relaxes and eases aches and pains to promote circulation to the superficial muscle tissue.


$40 - 1/2 hour 

$75 - hour

$100 - hour and a 1/2

Off Site: Corporate Chair Massage (15 minute session)

$25 - 1 person

$20 - 2 to 5 people

$15 - 6 to 10 people

$12 - over 10 people 


Current Members of Corporate Program: Epic Games, Mulkey Engineers & Consultants, North Carolina State Employees and more to come.








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